Hi - my name is Maggie Weavill and I live in the N.E. of England, near Durham City. I have always had a great interest in art and now find myself with the time and increasing desire to paint.

I work from home, which is in a small rural village surrounded by fields and a country park. Consequently I see the changing face of nature in all seasons and weathers, which helps inspire my painting.

Most of my life I have spent teaching, but I have also been an enthusiastic writer, and have written many short stories, articles and a couple of novels. Maybe it's this side of my personality which helps me interpret the scenes around me. The grasses, the trees , the flowers shake their heads, mutter whisper, gossip, open to the sun, endure the seasons . . huddle together, exult, complain, shout in joy . .

This vibrancy, this quickness, is what I hope to communicate so that, subliminally, through the paintings, we can feel ourselves in tune with the different moods and aspects of the living world around us.