'Brusho' Paintings
A whole new style of painting has taken my imagination recently - so much so that I'm devoting a special page to the outcomes. The medium is 'Brusho' - and the effects produced are, I think, really interesting - sometimes even spectacular! At the moment, most of my paintings are small as I explore the medium, but I hope to graduate to much bigger works. The prints, of course, can be any size, within reason. What is Brusho? The answer is - a transparent, highly-pigmented watercolour ink which comes in small drums containing dry, crystalline powder. Sprinkle on the magic to board, canvas or high quality watercolour paper, spritz with water, and let the paint explode and jump in its own unique way. After that - experiment. Scratch into it, add further inks etc. etc. , and let's see what happens!

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Some Brusho paintings may be able to be purchased as Giclee prints at the same prices as set out on the chart
: please email the artist for information using the contact page on the site. We will do our best for you.

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