Maggie Weavill Art Crook Hall & Gardens

The Crook Hall exhibition during August and September has been a thoroughly rewarding experience. The hall is a quirky country house, which has been improved massively over the last twenty years or so by the current owners, Keith and Maggie Bell. The house itself is a wonderful mixture of 'styles through the centuries' - from Mediaeval Hall, to Tudor living room and Georgian staircases and galleries. One of these has been designated The Exhibition Room for the display and sale of work by local artists, and is a beautiful Georgian room with fantastic views over Durham and the Cathedral. All this, of course, is surrounded by the most fabulous gardens - each one with its own theme. Already I'm struggling for superlatives to justify the place - you just have to go and see for yourself! Think luxurious and varied planting, rippling classical music throughout, roaring and smoky fires and lovely cream teas, with tables set under the trees, in the courtyard or in the lovely Georgian tea rooms.

So - given that I was able to take friends into the grounds and Hall over two whole months when the gardens were at their most spectacular, the Summer has been fantastic. What a lovely space to display in, and how friendly and helpful everyone has been. A great success!

All best wishes, Margaret Weavill.